The Next Revolution in Cardiac Pacing

      If the first revolution of cardiac pacing was physiologic pacing, defined as dual-chamber pacing, then the second revolution was cardiac resynchronization pacing with use of the coronary sinus lead to achieve more physiologic resynchronization of the heart, while the third revolution in cardiac pacing is conduction system pacing. Over the last 4 years since Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics published an issue on His bundle pacing, much has been accomplished and published by many groups. Conduction system pacing has expanded from His bundle pacing to include left bundle branch area pacing comprising direct left bundle branch pacing and left ventricular septal pacing.
      In the current issue, we bring together experts from all over the world in conduction system pacing. The pace of developments in this field is truly amazing, so we look forward to updating this subject again in 4 years. The field and our understanding of conduction system pacing, both anatomy and physiology, have now advanced to the point of designing both small and large clinical trials. This issue provides the expert and the novice of conduction system pacing an in-depth understanding of the field, where it has been and where it is going.
      We are grateful to have an incredibly talented group of authors and experts contribute to this issue. We appreciate all the time and effort they put into their work. We look forward to being able to provide a foundation for a much better understanding of this field and to participating in its development.