This issue is dedicated to our friend and colleague, Santosh Padala, MD, who died much too young. We both had the privilege of working with him over a number of years as he trained in electrophysiology and then joined the VCU faculty. Over the last seven years, his contributions to the field of electrophysiology and pacing were substantial and will far outlast his all too brief life. Each day and every patient he touched were made better by that interaction. He was a truly outstanding clinician, clinical researcher, teacher, and human being. Not only his patients but also all health care providers who came into contact with him were changed through his sheer joy and enthusiasm for learning, teaching, and healing his patients. His constant amazement and joy in everything he did continue to inspire each of us every day. He was beloved by so many, including his large extended family and friends. We hope his memory will be a source of inspiration for all.